The success cases and the voices from the students

Some of our selected Successful cases

We successfully applied for those universities,

  • Waseda University
  • Waseda University: Graduate school of IPS
  • University of Tsukuba: Department of international Japanese
  • Kyushu University: Graduate School of economy
  • Kyushu University: Graduate School of Agriculture
  • Hiroshima University: Graduate School of International development and Cooperation
  • Hiroshima University: Department of Economy
  • Saitma University: Department of Economy
  • Gunma University; Department of Economy
  • Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(Hokuriku University)

Voices from Students

LEE YE(24)

I already received an offer from one Japanese company though I am still a 2nd year student at Graduate school of Waseda Uni. I think that FB-JSSC changed my life.

Though I graduated from one famous university in Shanghai, China. I did not know what I was going to do after my graduation. I decided to study in Japan first, because I studied Japanese language during my college days without a concrete major. My father helped me find a famous oversea study agency in China. However, they failed to help one of my college mates apply for a good university. She is a top A student with good proficient in both English and Japanese. She won numerous awards and attended several big international events in the field of media and entertainment. I feel that agency was not that reliable while I noticed this site online, and browsed some of their cases, I contacted with Mrs. Wang who is now the CEO of this company directly.

Instead of making everything for me completely, she instructed me how to write research proposal and essays. Quite soon, I received two letters of acceptance from a Public University and a Private University respectively. Then I decided to go to Waseda University. I applied for the scholarship later and got a part time job. My life changed, they changed my life. I had the different experience that I have never had before and my horizons broadened. I followed my professor and went to Europe to attend several international seminars and summits. Even after my enrolment of the graduate school, FB study in Japan is still the shoulder I can rest my head on.


I graduated from a famous university in China. After 4 years of Japanese language study I had a better understanding of Japan and cultivated a strong interest in this island country. I started preparing for all those sophisticated procedures during my junior year. I also resorted to several oversea study agencies in China but I feel they are less effective. I dared not put my future in their hands. Friends recommended FB-JSSC and I contacted Mrs. Wang directly then, we had a nice talk later and she made a detailed pan for making my study in Japan a reality. Finally I was accepted by Kyushu University. I was so happy. It was not about money. Instead of doing everything for me, they instructed and worked with me. I became friends with Mrs. Wang and hung out together in Tokyo and Fukuoka after I came to Japan.


I graduated from Chongqing normal university in China. In order to further my Japanese studies I decided to come to Japan after my graduation. I contacted different agencies and consulted with them several times. It was very expensive for me. I found out this organization online. Mrs. Wang responded quickly, and after three weeks introduction and preparation, I received an offer from Hiroshima University. What’s more, it only cost me 50% of what other agencies charged me previously. Their consultants helped me revise my research proposals and research concern again and again. I really appreciate their assistance and encouragement.


I graduated from high school in the west part of China. I decided to come to Tokyo to pursue my goals. I really love this city. Now I got a part time job to support myself here. I am so impressive with this largest city around Asia. Everyday I feel stimulated. I still remembered what Mrs. Wang told me the first day I arrived here; that there is no reason for you not to give a try in your life. Tokyo will drive you forward. Mrs. Wang is now running her own business; I am so happy for her and wish her all the best. I recommend “Friendly Bridge- Your link to study in Japan” to all you guys here.