Study in Japan

Information on studying abroad in Japan

We promise to connect you with your best potential and to make your study in Japan a reality. Our services mainly included the following items but not limited.

  1. Apply for Japanese language school. Apply for Graduate School.
  2. Japanese language training for entrance examination.
  3. Instruction on research proposal and research concern writing as well as Graduate writing.
  4. Application process; Support your study in Japan;
    ・Instruction on application forms;
    ・Visa Sponsorship for your relatives;
    ・Booking the flights;
    ・Airport reception;
  5. Dormitory support;
  6. Part time job support;
  7. Relatives reception;
  8. Job hunting activities after graduation;
  9. Other related services;

Application process; Support your study in Japan



  1. consulting

    ・We will do a research about your stories

  2. Contract

    ・Contract with us and we will work for your success

  3. Application

    ・Diploma, certificates, application forms etc.

  4. procedures

    ・Pay the entrance fee, tuition fee,
    also we need
    ・the copy of your bank deposit

  5. COE

    ・Apply for the certificate of eligibility

  6. Visa

    ・Apply for visa
    ・Booking the flight Japanese learning

  7. Reception

    ・Airport reception and residence support

  8. Relative

    ・We can also support your relatives visit to Japan