International Internship Program

Guide of the program

Friendly Bridge Japan Study Support Center (“FB”) is making collaboration with Japanese companies, for many Chinese University students and universities from other countries ,sharing information to create a 3-to-6 months local short-term paid training program in Japan.


The program is designed to provide opportunities for the university students to study Japanese and Japanese culture, as well as promoting globalization of Japanese companies, and expected to resolve the problem of lacking human resources and establishing the brand aboard for Japanese enterprises. We could build a win-win-win situation through the unremitting endeavor. After the students educated from university, we are optimistic about securing a full-time job offer in Japan.


  1. Confirming the needs of the University students (Grade3 or Grade4), FB will propose the internship plan.
  2. Obtaining consent from the University and parents, FB will match the suitable Japanese companies with the information and determine the final plan.
  3. Interview preparation.
  4. FB will help the student who pass the interview to fulfill formalities.
  5. Visit Japan and begin to work.
  6. When the short-term program is finished, the students obtain the internship certificates, departure from Japan and go home.

Types of internship & Working hours

  • Working address: Japan.
  • Types of internship: translator, hotel attendant and cleaning worker, hotel receptionist, kitchen cooking aids. etc. (including manufacturing and service industries)
  • The prescribed working hours are 40 hours per week. Overtime(with overtime pay) due to circumstances. 

Successful case

Chongqing University, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Chongqing Institute of Engineering, Tianjin Normal University, Jishou University, Hunan Institute of Science and Technology, Southwest Minzu University, etc.

Cooperative enterprise

Career Bank, Toyota Material & Parts Group, Hot-spring Hotel Mikawa.Aichi, etc.