Waseda University

ntroduction:Waseda University is a private university in Japan, headquartered in Tokyo(104 1-chome, Totsuka-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-8050, Japan). It was established in 1920. Abbreviation of Waseda University is Waseda or Sodai. Waseda University is traced back Kitamongijuku, that was founded by a wealthy merchant of Yanagida Tokichi as orchid school, is the oldest private university with Keio University in Japan. A flourishing international exchange, in particular there are many foreign students from Asia. Okuma Shigenobu is a politician representing the Meiji era, and he designed for the university centered on the political economy of the United Kingdom flow model. So Waseda University has produced talents from the Department of Political Science and Economics mainly, including in the political and business community, also in the field of mass media such as publishing, newspaper, television and radio stations.