FAQ on Study Abroad

Q & A session about the contents related to life, such as contents and part-time jobs, related to study abroad

FAQ: Academic and Campus Life

Study in Japan:

How can I study in Japan? What’s the method and requirement?
Japanese Ministry of Education wants to increase the international students up to 300,000. There are many ways to study in Japan. From high school, vocational school, university, graduate school. There are lots of options. You can consult with us and we will make a plan for each individual case.

After high school, I want to study in Japan.:

Is it possible for me to enter Japanese university after my high school?
Usually, international students have to take 1 year – 2 years Japanese language class before entering the university directly. At the same time, you can also apply for the preparatory student system in Japanese university to brush up Japanese. If you have plans to study in Japan before senior high, we recommend you to learn Japanese as much as possible.

About majors:

After graduation from university, what kind of majors can I choose?
You can choose almost every subject that interests you. If you have a good command of Japanese language, you can take almost anything. If you speak more English, there are also some courses in English available around the country, though these are more limited.

About research students:

After I complete my research, is it difficult for me to enter graduate school?
You need to prepare for the entrance examination when you are a research student. As long as you are diligent enough, we believe you can pass the examination. But always remember that there is no easy way to success. No pain no gain.

I am not good at Japanese.:

Are there any possible ways for me to study in Japan if I have no knowledge of Japanese?
Sure. As long as you speak English. There are limited courses in English available around the nation. If you have a good command of English, there are still some options and opportunities in Japan. But we recommend you to learn some Japanese during your academic years. It is much more convenient for you to live in this country with Japanese language ability.

I don’t have a bachelor’s degree.:

I studied at vocational school, can I apply to graduate school?
It is difficult, but if you are top student, we can give a try. Nothing is impossible. But you can also apply for admission to a bachelor degree in Japan and you may be able to start from junior year.

I worked for a while.:

After my graduation I worked for several years, can I apply to graduate school?
Yes you can. Actually there are some special courses for people who have working experience.

About expenditures:

How much does it cost to study in Japan?
If you want to study in Japanese language school, we recommend you to prepare for at least 1,000,000 JPY. In the case of graduate school, our advice is also that much. But you can get a part time job in Japan. Then you won’t feel that pressure. But please comply with Japanese law.

FAQ: Daily Life and Job-hunting in Japan, etc.

Economic pressure in Japan:

I do not have much budget, can I still study in Japan?
Sure. Japan is one of the few countries around the globe which allows international students do some part time job. But as a foreigner, we recommend you to comply with Japanese law. The average salary in Tokyo is 1000 JPY per hour. International students can find job easily if you speak some Japanese. Even if you do not speak Japanese; there is still chance for you to find a part time job here.

Part time job:

What kind of part time job I can find in Japan?
Almost all types of work you can do, but you need to comply with Japanese Law. Usually international students go to restaurants, supermarket, fast-food chains, and factories to give a try.