How do you get a job after graduating?

We have taught employment after graduation by making full use of over 10 years experience and personal connections in Japan. We are proud of 98% success rate. Please contact us if you would like to know details of what seniors have chosen jobs and careers.

Job-hunting in Japan:

I want to find a job in Japan after my graduation. Is it difficult?
Japan has a shortage of working population, so human resources are needed. It is easier to get a job than in Western countries.
However, recruitment of foreign nationals is biased toward specific fields such as IT, technology, global marketing / human resources, and long-term care and welfare. Naturally, finding a job in Japan requires a high level of Japanese proficiency and specialized knowledge.
Good jobs are difficult to find everywhere. As long as you are equipped with all the necessary skills that companies required, we believe you can do it.

Working pressure in Japan:

People say Japanese work very hard and that overtime is common. Is it true?
Yes, especially in Tokyo. There are lots of international students who get a job after their graduation. Tokyo is big but also full of challenges. Our future rests on our own hands. So just do it.

Full time job in Japan:

How to find a full time job in Japan?
Japanese college students start preparing for employment about a year before graduation. Participate in the information session of the company you want, create a resume / entry sheet, and participate in the SPA written test and interview test.
Fortunately, a dedicated job fair is held every year for international students. There are also many private organizations such as ‘mynavi’ or ‘rikunabi’ that provide employment support for international students.
You can also consult with us. We also have a professional team who has worked in consulting fields in Japan.