Don’t worry about your accommodation and life.

Dormitory / life after coming to Japan

Rental in Japan is a high hurdle for international students. First of all, foreigners are rejected by many landlords or are required to have a guarantor. In most cases, the brokerage company and the landlord require an initial cost of about 6 months for the total rent.

Therefore, we have a safe and economical condominium dormitory.

Introduction of student housing

The FB student dormitory is situated in Ueno, Tokyo which has very convenient transportation. We arrange everything for you. Neither Key money nor deposit will be charged.

(NOTES: It is common for international students to find an apartment through real estate agencies in Japan. Usually you have to pay them one-month rent fee as a thank you. In addition, the owner will charge deposit as well as Key money sometimes non-refundable. It varies by the individual owner, some takes 1-2 months’ rent.)

Available dormitory