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About us

FB (Friendly Bridge) operates an Asia Pacific-wide Study in Japan consulting businesses and helps progressive global individuals build successful paths by supporting them in making their studies in Japan a reality. Since 2009, our experience with “Sino-Japan exchanges support mechanism” and the “Japan NPO Meeting” has helped a lot of International students who want to study in Japan to realize their dreams.

In 2015, we have officially launched the Japan Study Support Center in Friendly Bridge LLC(FB-JSSC). and began our comprehensive career for making your studies in Japan a reality. FB-JSSC has grown progressively thanks to the strong partnership between its professional consultants, university professors, alliance Japanese language school, and high-level candidates abroad. FB-JSSC is a full-fledged firm covering almost every level of study programs around the nation, including Japanese language schools, research student program in Japanese national and public universities, and short-term learning programs in Japan as well as related consulting and support services.

Why recommend to study in Japan ?

  1. Education in Japan is a leading force in Asia and around the globe, especially in the field of science.
  2. There are many prestigious universities that are highly recognized around the world. Ranging from senior high to Graduate school, there are many options.
  3. There are various Scholarship programs from the Japanese government to social organizations that you can apply to once you are accepted.
  4. Japan has a mature social insurance system and is an advanced economic and financial market.
  5. You can experience Japanese culture that is different from yours.
  6. There are lots of chances for you to find a job after your graduation as Japan currently has a major labor shortage issue.
  7. You can progress quickly once you join a Japanese company.
  8. New recruits are provided with a lot of additional training upon entering companies.
  9. You will be better equipped with necessary skills even if you choose to go back to your country after graduation.

Message from the CEO

Wang Xiaoqin CEO

After graduated from Tianjin Foreign Studies University in China, which represents the highest level of Japanese language study in the nation, I joined the local Toyota Company there. I was responsible for the negotiation and coordination work with headquarters in Japan and local government in the field of new production line. From translation to co-ordination work, Toyota gave me a lot of chances to develop my ability. I furthered my study in the field of business at a National University in Japan in 2006, and then joined the largest and most famous consulting company in the nation. I did a lot of work regarding Japanese engagement with Mainland China, at the same time, I involved with the management reforms of local Chinese companies. It was also very fortunate for me to witness and participate in several seminars on Chinese enterprise cooperation with Japanese firms based on both Beijing and Tokyo.

I see myself building the bridge through my business experience between Chinese and Japanese enterprises. At the same time, I met a lot of international students who also showed their interest in Japan. I shared my personal experience with them regarding how to study in Japan, I gave them concrete introduction and assistance with the respect to how to behave during the interviews as well as how to write appropriate research projects. After their graduation, they also talked about their career paths in Japan with me. I saw a lot of international students who realized their dreams by studying in Japan. More and more international students come here consulted with me and resorted to my advice and assistance. In 2014, I finally decided to leave my consulting job and start a Study in Japan program with “Sino-Japan exchanges support mechanism” and “Japan NPO Meeting”. After one full year of work, we finally established our own brand in Tokyo in 2015.

I had my own experience finding and placing myself in a top university and in a top consulting company. I am a daughter, a wife as well as a mother. Education is not only one approach for furthering one’s schooling or business, but also an art. It is a process for us to learn social sciences and human skills. It is a process for everyone to learn social science and human skill. We can help you find the best place for you, just like putting pegs into the appropriate holes. At Friendly Bridge, we realize that we must connect you with the places where you most want to go. At Friendly Bridge, we connect you to your road for studying in Japan. We see your progress as our progress. We can bring you all the way to the professionals.

Our Promise

  1. We connect you to your best in Japan. We discover your potential and interests, and decide what kind of goals you need to pursue.
  2. We try the top schools and universities around the nation. Even if you have no Japanese ability, it is still possible to connect you with Japan as long as you speak English. The most important thing is your passion to become a better person.
  3. Our professionals are all equipped with the necessary skills. We find the best place for you.
  4. Whether you are in Japanese language school or graduate school, we can help you find a part time job if you need, even you do not speak Japanese.
  5. We promise to charge the lowest possible fees in order to get you to your best place.
  6. We have a package of supportive services once you arrive at Japan.

We have special support for international students from developing countries, like South East Asia, Africa and Latin America, such as agency fee exemption, part time job support etc.